Founded in 2019, New Approaches is an Out-Patient Clinic for the treatment of children, women, and men suffering with mental health disorder and/or substance misuse, located at 463 Washington Street Keene, NH.

New Approaches will provide clients with a monitored and safe environment, free of the hazards of trauma. Clients will participate in the clinical and life skills treatment program. New Approaches will provide clinical services driven by an individual master treatment plan supervised by licensed and credentialed counselors with client involvement, participation and consent.

New Approaches will offer individual counseling, group counseling, life skills, 12-step-oriented workshops, SMART Recovery workshops, and didactic presentations. Dr. McCafferty believes that the high-quality service will continually make New Approaches the best in the business. We believe that consistent, ethical and quality performance in all our endeavors is the key to success and will result in loyal, mutually beneficial relationships. Dedication to providing the best service to our clients/patients is our top priority.